My first detector, handed down from my Dad – the Treasure Sensor 4000! Powered by 9V batteries.

When my sister and I were kids, our Dad took us out in the yard sometime in the spring with what looked like a white spaceship on a stick. He showed us how waving it over the ground caused it to occasionally beep like crazy. That’s when you’ve found something metal in the ground below.


I was hooked instantly. I already had a fascination with history, so the idea that the land our home sat on could be filled with treasures from another time was thrilling. I searched our yard, the park, the creek surrounding our house, and drainage ditch from the road. (That’s where I found my first Mercury dime!) We are a family of collectors and hobbyists, so it’s no surprise that discovering metal below the surface appeals to me.

There is no shortage of detectorists who love sharing what they find, but everyone finds something unique and it’s different every time you get out there.

Since those early days hunting coins in the soil, I have moved around the country and discovered beach detecting. All kinds of terrain are interesting for the hobby, but there’s something special about the beach for me – it’s active and ever-changing. When a big storm rolls through, it can uncover deep layers of sand that reveal a glimpse back in time. Older objects tend to pop up on those days when there is a fresh “cut” along the shoreline.

You can often find Laura Peters being geeky on the beach.

Beach detecting is also how I became interested in helping people locate their lost items. Often people will come up to me and ask what I’ve found, or tell me a story about something they lost long ago. When I joined the RingFinders, I found a new love for returning objects to their owner.

The look on someone’s face when they see their special item again (along with the big hug they usually give me) is very special.

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