The History channel’s popular show The Curse of Oak Island has brought a lot of attention and interest to the hobby of metal detecting. In particular, we all love watching Gary Drayton use his metal detector on Oak Island to find interesting objects over several television seasons!

Satellite map view of Oak Island Nova Scotia

What metal detector is Gary Drayton using on Oak Island?

Most of the time, Gary is shown using a Minelab CTX-3030. There are a variety of coils available for the CTX-3030 though it comes equipped with an 11-inch coil. You can also get a 6-inch small coil, and a 17-inch coil which is larger and has an oval shape. You often see Gary using this size on the show. Be sure to visit Gary Drayton’s website to support his shop and learn how to detect!

It happens to be the same metal detector I use most of the time! (I wish I had access to Oak Island!) Pictured below along with my beach scoop, it’s helped me find hundreds of recoveries for others and keep the beaches clean. You can even order Gary Drayton’s book about using the CTX-3030, but the must-have book for any new owner is the Minelab CTX 3030 Handbook by Andy Sabisch.

I highly recommend grabbing both books for your collection if you are curious about metal detecting and using the CTX-3030. Please contact me if you would like help deciding which detector to purchase!


Minelab CTX-3030 on a beach with scoop for metal detecting