I was out metal detecting and a neighbor approached me about an earring she lost a couple days prior. She described it and was able to point out approximately where she was sitting, but wasn’t sure if it came off in the sand, in the water, or somewhere between the building and beach. I let her know I would give it a try.

I set out with some target IDs in mind and was very close to calling it a day when I got an iffy, somewhat shallow signal on the CTX in the dry sand near the area she indicated. The target was small and seemed to pass through the scoop, so I switched to the pinpointer…and there it was – the earring she described!

It’s a bit unusual to receive a mission for a small lost item, where the exact location of the loss isn’t known…and find it so quickly! Usually the item is lost in the water, which is a different challenge.

I always share the advice to call someone (like me!) from theringfinders.com as soon as you lose something because so much can change after days or even a tide cycle! Now my neighbor’s earring is back where it belongs.