It was a lovely spring day in Florida with beaches full again after many months of COVID-19 restrictions. A young woman called me and explained that the prior day, her husband had lost his wedding ring on Hallandale Beach in Hallandale, Florida.

It was an “oops” moment that they discovered only after they made it back home and they knew it was on the beach because he had stored the ring in the cup holder of the chair and then shook out the sand before going home. Easy to forgive as the couple has a lovely young baby to care for!

I made my way to the beach and recreated their approximate location from photos they had taken while on the beach. We communicated during the process and I found my way right to the correct spot. Two other couples were on the beach relaxing, so I was sure to let them know why I was invading their space!

Just as she described, the ring was just under the surface after about 45 minutes of searching within the area.

I’m glad they used RingFinders and found me. They were smart to remember details about what happened and where they were. It made the search much quicker!

The sentiment shared with me when it was returned was, “Nuestro amor contra viento y marea.” The meaning of the phrase is our love against wind and tide or against all odds. ❤️ I wish them all the best in their future!