In mid July, I was contacted by a couple who lives just about 15 minutes down the highway. The husband had lost his wedding band somewhere on their property, and they had reason to believe it might be in the trash.

The scene: Husband and wife were cooking dinner in the kitchen. Dealing with chicken, husband takes off ring for the nasty parts.

It was only later after the meal was over and the kitchen cleaned that he realized “oh no…where’s my ring??”
They spent all night looking for it and didn’t want to put the cans out for pickup unless they felt confident that his gold ring wasn’t in there, so they contacted me the next day to help!

I drove out to meet them, and we all searched through the contents of the trash looking for any potential gold signal from my metal detector.

During the process, it started looking like the ring wasn’t in the trash, so I went through my list of usual questions: Did they check the sink drain? Vacuum bag? Leftover containers? Other normal spots he might set it down?
They hadn’t found it anywhere. This was their last hope.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find it either. No signals in the trash that weren’t just foil. It’s always hard to leave without locating the ring. 🙁

A little over a month later I got a text message: “Hi Laura – happy to let you know we found the ring! It was tucked away in between the pages of a cookbook and feel out when we took it off the shelf.”

Even when you think you’ve exhausted all the possibilities, leave it to life to present you with the unexpected. And maybe a new favorite recipe.