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New Digs

I love getting new equipment for any of my interests, and metal detection is no exception. That feeling when you get a brand new computer, cell phone, camera lens…it’s exciting…

I love getting new equipment for any of my interests, and metal detection is no exception. That feeling when you get a brand new computer, cell phone, camera lens…it’s exciting on those first few days or weeks when you’re learning its quirks or just admiring how clean it is!

You might think there’s not really much to buy for metal detecting – grab a detector and go, right? In many cases, that’s a fine way to start. You really don’t need much to get started in this activity at the beginning so don’t be afraid. However, the landscape and style of search vary enough to require some changes when you’re searching more often and become more experienced.

So that’s why I’m excited to tell you about my newest acquisition: A Stealth 920iX X-treme scoop from Sunspot Tooling Systems!

The coin from Chile was one of my first finds with this new scoop and it was thrilling to see it at the bottom of this perfect scoop.

Now before you jump off to their website to buy your own, here are a few thoughts that you should consider.

Are you hunting frequently in water?
These scoops are designed for water/sand use. This isn’t one for digging in your yard. Just thought I’d make that clear right away! Ocean waves can be pretty tricky even at low tide, so this kind of scoop makes a huge difference in the ability to recover finds out there.

Have you been in the hobby for a while now?
This isn’t a cheap scoop, so if you’re not sure that you’re going to like detecting, don’t buy this yet. Contact me if you want a personal recommendation. Or better yet, if you’re a beginner come visit and take a lesson from me.

Do you have a waterproof detector and headphones?
You’re going to absolutely need a waterproof detector and headphones to go all in with water hunting. I find that I end up doing a hybrid of snorkeling and hunting at the same time. WEAR SUNSCREEN ON YOUR BACK/NECK!! I learned that one the hard way.

Read all that and still want to buy one? Okay, here’s exactly how I set mine up and below that, exactly why.

  • 920iX X-treme, 20 degree tip back
  • Mount for Handle, Tube
  • Handle, 47 inch ash (recommended)
  • Bottom 1/2 inch holes
  • Rear 1/2 inch holes
  • SuperRugged Package with ToePad

The 920 is 9″ wide and mounts at a 20 degree tipped back angle. The angle is a preference depending on how you’re used to searching. If you’ve never used a handled scoop, then try to think about how it might feel to use. With a 90 degree angle, you’ll have to reach out farther to set up a deep dig, but then tipping it up will be more likely to keep all the sand in the scoop as you pull it out of the water. Up to you!

I went with the tube mount mostly because of the recommendation that using a carbon fiber tube later will require this mount. The only downside I might see is that the fully round sections are vulnerable to sand entry. To counter this, Sunspot provides you with some electrical tape to seal up the mount to prevent sand from entering and making it difficult to remove the handle.

I purchased the wood handle because it comes pre-treated with water resistant paint (the gray portion in the image) on the lower handle to prevent water logging from making it impossible to remove the handle if there is swelling. Also, carbon fiber was sold out at the time I ordered! I’ll upgrade later for sure.

The bottom I chose is 1/2 holes which is (at this time) the only option for the 920iX. Either way, I would have chosen 1/2″ because I deal with larger shells.

And for the choice of rear, again I need the scoop to filter out larger shells. I see the benefits of the hybrid option though and would consider having both depending on the situation I’m in.

The SuperRugged package I just see as a must unless you want to save a tiny bit of weight. I hunt without wearing water shoes most of the time, so this helps get that full push into the sand.

You might vary your order from mine after thinking about how you hunt. Also consider the 7″ model if weight is an issue or you’re using a smaller coil. Also consider the travel handle or carbon fiber if they are available when you order. Now go buy one already!

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