There are some times when an on-and-off rainy day is the perfect time to metal detect on the beach. No crowds to deal with means you can spend as much time as you want and check areas usually occupied during day time instead of being limited to the few early morning hours when no one has arrived. But what about when there is a tropical storm around?

I’ve slowly gotten over my reluctance to be seen by anyone on the beach, but that has a price as well. I’ve been a subject in what they think are surreptitious photos, they stop and ask me really strange questions, and in general there’s just an uncomfortable feeling knowing that I’m a subject of either interest or annoyance.

But a rainy day? That’s when I can be out with only the other crazy people. I’m talking of course about kiteboarders, and hardcore beachgoers.

The kiteboarders give me a knowing nod when I pass by. I’m sure they find my hobby boring and I find theirs terrifying! But we both enjoy windy days which are often those overcast, rainy ones I’m taking about.

But what about a tropical storm? I don’t take chances being out when lightning is high risk factor, but when a tropical storm is on the way in or out, there are several days of overcast, windy, and rainy days that keep the beach crowds away.

I still get nervous making the decision to detect on these days. First, the ocean is typically rough, so it’s sand only. But the waves bring in fresh batches of new goodies that have been sitting off shore, so it’s a perfect time to check the tide line. It can also scrape away a top layer of sand and reveal a new level now in range of my detector.

It’s also just a lot of fun to be out on the beach when conditions are a little rough. It’s maybe not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be scary, but it can give you a head start if you do have competition with other detectorists, and it can make an otherwise potentially boring day way more fun. Have you ever detected on an unusual day?