I don’t keep it a secret that I’m a big fan of Minelab. I absolutely love my CTX-3030 and know it’s worth every sand-encrusted penny! 😉

But one thing I didn’t learn until recently was that Kellyco offers a 15% discount for active duty and retired military personnel who order by phone or in the showroom! Here’s how you can take advantage through Kellyco.

Military Discount – Minelab Metal Detectors!*
*Call Kellyco (1-888-535-5926) to get 15% off your purchase of a Minelab metal detector. Discount available to any active or retired military with proof of ID. Some exclusions apply.**

**Discount applicable on phone only. Must provide proof of Military ID or DD-214 to receive discount. Excludes Minelab GO-FIND metal detectors and all demo, consignment and refurbished machines. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Not redeemable for cash value.

A few reasons why I think this is a great hobby for veterans:

1. Be in the moment

This hobby gets you out with a sense of purpose – headphones on, focused, and completely where you are. I find myself able to put outside thoughts and influences out of my mind while I’m detecting. It becomes all about thinking through the task at hand and narrowing focus when retrieving a target.

2. Let’s Get Physical!

It can be a pretty demanding workout depending on where you are hunting and how much you’re carrying. Beach and water hunting in particular when using a heavy handled shovel. Even if you’re out in a field, you typically carry a backpack full of equipment, water…anything you need for those hours out finding.

3. Military History

Depending on where you live, you may actually find a piece of military history. People post stories all the time about their Civil War finds and more. Perhaps this is something that could appeal to you and lead you to travel to look for relics. Plus, early metal detectors were used to find and clear actual landmines from World Wars I and II.

4. Finding a Community

There are metal detecting clubs all over the place. Many people find it fun and fulfilling to join a club where you know there is a shared interest. Make new friends, talk about what you find, and dig in deeper with your community.

Thank you to all military service members past and present!

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