Across the country, there are numerous metal detecting clubs. Each one has similar missions to share information about the interest, provide help in their communities, and gather to enjoy the hobby together. Members range in age from young to old, but I’ve found that not many younger people know about these organizations, or know how to find them.

Websites can be tough to find, and many have presence on social networks.

Learn more about the Bay Area Metal Detecting Association.

I’m still new to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have been busy exploring all the amazing beaches out here on this new coast. It’s quite different from South Florida – for one, the water is ROUGH and COLD! I bought my first cold water wetsuit-looking neoprene water shoes this past week.

I have also spent a lot of time discovering beaches that are okay to detect, and those that are for park enjoyment only. I’ve updated my listing on RingFinders to my nearby beach and will see how the calls differ, and hope that people aren’t losing their items in the cold water too often!

Learn more about the new Bay Area Metal Detecting Association.