Recently, two local newspapers who were fascinated by the hobby of metal detecting and wanted to share stories with their readers contacted me for information. I was happy and humbled to share stories from my adventures so far, and perhaps do something additional: introduce others to the word “detectorist!”

Many are unfamiliar with the term, as we have often been referred to as “metal detectors,” but that describes our machine. We detectorists use metal detectors!

So I was happy to see the word appear in the headline for both articles. Those of us familiar with the word already may or may not like it – I’m curious what you think! The BBC show The Detectorists is another way that people outside of the hobby have learned more about what it is. Sure, there are the stereotypes, but those lovable characters were easy to bond with.

Do you use the word metal detectorist to describe yourself? Leave a comment below or message me to share your preference.

The Ark Newspaper story published March 9, 2022

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The Ark Newspaper: “Tiburon detectorist works to reunite people with their lost items” by Shayne Jones – March 9, 2022

Marin Independent Journal (requires login): “Tiburon metal detectorist reunites people with lost items” by Colleen Bidwill – February 19, 2022