I had the most adorable ring finding experience last week! A hopeful dad contacted me because his daughter accidentally lost her special baby ring while playing with a friend in the yard.

She wasn’t supposed to be playing with it, but we all remember being a kid and only doing what our parents said, right?! I shared a story about how I opened a collectible Barbie doll that was hiding in the closet when I was kid thinking I could repackage it so that mom would neeeever know. I was wrong. ; )

Both dad and daughter joined me to search their front yard. She even wanted to learn how to use my pinpointer to help me search! After a long, sweaty search, we were about to call it quits. Maybe the ring ended up somewhere else?

But I’ve learned over many past experiences that just when I’m about to give up, that’s when I need to give it another shot. Sure enough, about ten minutes into that last attempt…there it was, face down between the grass blades. The tiniest ring I’ve ever seen!

tiny gold ring

I had a hard time finding it because I was using an 11″ coil and it ended up being very close to the concrete driveway. It was a difficult process to carefully use the pinpointer to check along the perimeter, but it worked!

We all learn through these experiences as kids and even as adults. It’s okay – get out there and learn something new as a result!