Metal detecting is such a fun activity, so I am always happy to hear from people who are interested in taking a lesson with me on the beach. But what can you learn from a metal detecting lesson that you can’t get from YouTube?

This past Groundhog Day, I had the great joy of sharing my metal detecting tips and tricks with a new student on a California State Beach. One of the services I provide through GeekyBeach Metal Detecting are metal detecting lessons in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone – even if you don’t own a metal detector – can take a one-on-one lesson with me and see what it’s really like to comb the beach!

Every lesson is different – I customize the experience based on your interests. One thing you can’t get from watching videos is the physical feeling of being out with your detector, learning what it should feel like and how to wrangle your equipment. Especially if you have purchased a new detector, it helps to know the best way to set it up and the quirks it might have.

Metal detecting lesson student stands on a San Francisco Bay Area beach

New detectorist D.H. did a great job learning to use his new detector on a windy winter beach!


A review:

“I couldn’t have chosen a better instructor to start out my adventure as a detectorist at a beach. Laura brought a depth of knowledge with regard to knowing where to pick good potential grounds to search and also showing me the best approach to fine tuning my recently acquired Teknetics T2 SE. Laura is an excellent instructor for beginners like myself. If you are starting out, it’s well worth your time to have her show you the ropes as metal detectors are getting more complicated and better nowadays.”

– D.H., San Francisco Bay Area

You can learn a lot by watching videos online, but getting out and learning in person is hard to beat. I was really impressed with D.H.’s great questions and willingness to try different approaches – I can’t wait to hear about his future finds! 

Metal detecting is about more than finding treasures. In addition to being mindful about trash we find, we also clean up hazards that are just below the surface. There are often rusty and sharp objects, batteries, and lead. I’m so glad he found a small pair of scissors that would really hurt if someone found them with their foot!

Metal detecting lesson student holds up items found while searching the beach

D.H. holds up some of his finds – he definitely saved someone from those scissors!


So what can you learn from a metal detecting lesson? How to have more fun at the beach! If you’re looking for a unique adventure in the Bay Area for yourself or your family, consider a metal detecting lesson!