When I’m not metal detecting, you can find me working in the field of technology. Many people who are not familiar with metal detecting think that it must mean I’m on a never-ending search for pirate treasure! More often, it means that I’m helping someone with a problem that requires a bit of … digging.

I often receive calls from people who have lost something special (like wedding rings, phones, you name it). In those moments, I have to put on my detective hat and grab my equipment. There’s my metal detector, of course, and scoops or shovels to do the digging, but I also have to dig into the story behind the loss.

Recovering Lost Items

man holds a wedding ring on the beach after recovered with a metal detector

A relieved husband holds his wedding ring after I recovered it on the beach!

Interacting with someone who has just lost a potentially expensive, cherished item involves asking lots of questions and being emotionally aware. I can’t be afraid to prod for as much as they can remember when their item went missing. In some cases, I have to help calm their nerves a little bit so they can think clearer. Sometimes I have to help them see that their memory may not be accurate!

In all cases, I put myself in their shoes: I walk the same path and imagine how they interacted with the environment. “Hmm…maybe they tripped over that rock and their item went flying into the leaf pile! … I’ll check it out.”

I am often able to reunite them with their lost item and the hugs and smiles in those moments are hard to beat. Other times we are both left with a mystery. In those moments, I always tell them to keep looking. Check all the odd places they’d never imagine (like this story with an unusual ring location!) It’s also healthy if they can come to terms with the loss, but still keep their eyes open just in case.

Thinking from the customer’s perspective

This isn’t too far from what I do in my work life. I love asking questions and thinking about how people behave. So this metal detecting hobby of mine allows me to flex the same muscles in a different way.

Working in technology requires a lot of thinking from someone else’s perspective. It also means talking to your audience directly and learning from their experiences. In the end, it’s all about improving an experience – a better website, a more effective system, a more entertaining mobile game, you name it.

If you’re looking for a problem-solver to join your business team, you might need a metal detectorist to help your business strike gold. 😉

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